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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO? What is this Search Engine Optimization stuff? Let me try to explain this as clearly and concisely as possible: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when one optimizes the content of a website and that content and links off a website so as to rank higher in the free search engine traffic. This “free search engine traffic” is also known as ‘organic traffic.’ The optimization both onsite and offsite is done by focusing on words in the articles, posts, pages, texts, video’s, and just plain links to help the site rank better for those same search terms, a.k.a. keywords.

I realize some of what I said may be a foreign language for you and difficult to understand, so put even simpler. I could say this: all the content you post anywhere on the internet both on your website and off, should be aimed at helping you rank for the most profitable search terms.

Now what are the “most profitable search terms”? Or “keywords” in the internet marketing/blogging/niche marketing world? These are simply the keywords that people are actually typing into Google to find the services they need or want, such as: Pittsburgh Dentist, or Syracuse Oral Surgeon, or St. Louis Chiropractor.

To optimize the content of a website first you need to research the best or most used keywords people would or are using to search for services your business provides. Then little adjustments are made on the website to add these terms. Do not plaster all of them on each page, it is better to have a page dedicated to each. Then, do not use them a ton of times on each page either, but a couple times is best.

Maybe you are not sure of what I meant by “free search engine traffic” or “organic traffic.” Well on any Google search you have the paid ads, those are the small listings on the right side of the search results, they also are in a lightly colored banner at the top of the search results when a search is made. The ‘free or organic’ results are the listings that are from 1 to 10 on each page.  These organic listings get the majority of all the searches and views made each day on the internet.

Learn about the Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses Here.

All websites need SEO, and the lower down the search results a company’s website is the more they need it. The smaller businesses can and should be taking advantage of SEO to rank higher, and if they doubt this all they need to do is a quick search in Google and check the top 3 search results for their own business keywords. See those top 3? They are probably growing regularly from those top listings.

For a more detailed definition of what SEO is, visit here.